2D LEGO Animation 1(Windows Movie Maker)

2D LEGO Animation 2(Boinix iStopMotion, iMovie 2008)

2D LEGO Animation 3(Boinix iStopMotion, iMovie 2011)

2D LEGO Animation 4(Boinix iStopMotion, iMovie 2008)

2D LEGO Animation 5(Boinix iStopMotion, iMovie 2008)

4D Tools: Final Project(After Effects)

4D Foundations: Final Project(After Effects, GarageBand)


Here you will find some 2D animations I made outside of school, while using Boinix iStopMotion, GarageBand, iMovie 2008+11, and Windows Movie Maker. You will also find other animations I made in my 4D Foundations and 4D Tools class(using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, GarageBand, and iMovie 11) Enjoy!